New York Security Training Center, L.L.C.

215 South Main Street, Newark, New York, 14513-1460


Class dates and times are listed below with the descriptions.

Fees are to be paid before class starts (CASH, Credit or Debit cards).

Handcuffing O.C./Pepper/Mace class combined is $100.00.

Telephone: 315-332-8121 or 585-520-4880

Class Dates:

Monday, March 26
From 8 AM - 1 PM
Basic Handcuffing Course
Fee: $75.00
Pre-requisite: Handcuffs and key

We cover maintenance, basic operation, practical experience, written exam, and certification.
Much of our time is hands on.
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Class Dates:

Monday, February 19
From 1 PM - 4 PM

O.C. / Mace / Pepper Spray Course
Fee: $65.00

Instruction is from DTI or "MACE" factory /power point/video curriculum's.
Certification is provided upon completion.

Special NOTE:
N.Y.S. Penal Law, N.Y.S. Police
N.Y.S. Penal Law 265.14 thru 265.15(b)
Possession in accordance with provisions of a self-defense spray device;
1. Must be 18 years old
2. Not convicted of a felony or assault.
3. Maximum wgt. of canister - 3/4 ounce
4. Strength of spray - 0.7% Total Capaicinoids
5. Be pocket sized.

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Date & time is flexible
Fee: $100.00 per person

National Rifle Association
Basic Pistol Course
Please enroll on line at the National Rifle Association Website and then contact us.
Maximum class size is two (2).
N.R.A. Certification upon completion.

We use Newark Rod & Gun Club outdoor range.
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